Self-discovery - Journey Map - Part I

Discover who you are so your business gets the best (and fastest) start possible.

Why does Part I - Self Discovery exist? - I have seen too many entrepreneurs fail because they didn't know who they were, what fulfills them and why they are here. So, I created a course to give entrepreneurs the keys to success.

What is it? - A course to help you gain ultimate clarity, so you can build a stronger business, faster.

Who’s it for? - Entrepreneurs, change-makers, linchpins, artists, and dreamers

What to Expect:

Throughout the course, you’ll create your personalized Mind Map - a one page guide of who you are so that you can build your business with more clarity and a stronger foundation.

You’ll use the Mind Map at the start of every week to re-establish who you are and link it with your business. Every day of entrepreneurship has its ups and downs. Some days you feel unstoppable and other days you feel like a total imposter. During those down moments of struggle, fear, and pain, you’ll use your Mind Map to help get you back on track.

What change are we trying to make? - We are building dreams from a place of clarity and fulfillment instead of solving a problem and hoping it fulfills us.

From what to what… - Unclear, nervous, stuck and unfulfilled - TO - clear, focused, aligned and fulfilled.

How long will it take? - Roughly takes 6 hours to complete all 4 levels of the course. We encourage you to do 1-2 hour per day and finish in one week.

What do you get? - Other than personal evolution clarity and focus... A map with all your answers that will guide you and keep you on track throughout your journey. A tool that will help you make decisions and bring you ultimate fulfillment.

See Steven Dudley's Map example - HERE

More Detail

This course exists to help entrepreneurs, linchpins and change-makers understand themselves better than they ever have. When we accomplish that, we lay the foundations of a successful journey moving forward. When entrepreneurs build something aligned with who they are and what fulfills them, they will have a better chance at a successful journey.

Journey Map is a course to help you pause and reflect so you can understand yourself on a deeper level. This course builds the foundations of who you are, what you stand for and what is most important in your life. This course tracks all of your answers and puts them into a map. This map will help you make decisions, keep you grounded in times of struggle and keep you pointed in the right direction. As you go through this process, each mission will provide you with another piece of your map. Your task is to complete all the missions and build out your map.

Too simple to just say this course is for entrepreneurs. It's for change-makers, artists, linchpins, creatives, idea generators, resistance fighters, the extraordinary, the bold, the rebellion of the status quo, the dreamers and the I want more from lifers. 

We are trying to help entrepreneurs understand themselves on a deeper level so they can create something more meaningful for them. We want them to understand who they are, what they want and why they want it, so they can build an idea around that, instead of building a business around a problem.

This course will help the customer go from an unclear, nervous, lost and unfulfilled state of mind to a clear, focused, balanced, aligned and confident person who is full of conviction, direction and fulfillment.

You get a deep understanding of intrapersonal intelligence that is put into a map that will guide you on your journey. You get a map to yourself to keep you focused on your ultimate fulfillment. This map helps sets the foundations of YOU, so you can build something more powerful with a better chance of success.

Journey Map was born out of stagnation and unfulfillment. I had been in the same field for 10 years, created two companies and I had been trying to scale the businesses and find a way to make a bigger impact. I was failing and I wasn’t getting anywhere, nothing was working.

I sold the two businesses and took 3 months off, reading, taking personality tests, discovering who I was and what was missing. 

I found that ultimate self-clarity was beautiful. It was like getting eye surgery and seeing 20/20 perfect vision for the first time. It helped me wake up every day with a purpose and I knew exactly what I was supposed to do and why I was supposed to do it.

Decisions started to become extremely easy, ideas started flowing and new doors were easy to open and close. I started to realize (with help from others) that, what I put myself through could help others with their journeys too.

So, I replicated my in-depth intrapersonal intelligence journey. I created this course to help people see as clearly as I do so they can build their dreams stronger and faster.

Quest Curriculum

  • 5 Levels
  • Coaching By Steve Dudley
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Level 01

    Who Am I?

    How to use your personality, strengths, and weaknesses to build the right business. Guide to me is all about understanding yourself on a deeper level (Intrapersonal intelligence) so you can make decisions moving forward that align with who you are.

  • Level 02

    Guide to ME

    Defining your fears, core values and your why to build a business from a place of conviction. These personal staples help you stay grounded in your purpose and lay the foundation of your business.

  • Level 03

    Struggle and Recovery

    Discovering the obstacles in your way and how to get over them quickly. This section of the map takes a deep dive into what throws you off track and what helps you get back on track. This section’s purpose is to discover the ways you can climb out and fight-on!

  • Level 04

    Intentional Grounding

    Setting the right mindset for your entrepreneurial journey. This section will help you mentally prepare for each day by reminding you of some of the most important parts of everyday life.

  • Level 05

    Daily Commitments

    Bringing awareness to the other important parts of your life to avoid entrepreneur burnout. This section reminds you of what’s most important in your life, and that life is a combination of things and people that we stay committed to as well as your ideas and work.

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Success Stories

  • Holly H.

    I know who I am!

    "I have done some personality tests and self-discovery work before but this is the next level. This course brings everything together and gives me a map of who I am. I feel like I have ultimate clarity for the first time in my life. I know who I am, I know why I am here and I am ready to fight on!!"

  • Nick H.

    Complete awareness

    "I have completed this course with my wife as we are building a company together and I can not tell you how helpful this was. I wish I had done this sooner but glad I have done it now. We are more aligned than ever and have a common agenda for the first time. We have designed our alliance and feel unstoppable."

  • Kate S.

    Best decision of 2018!

    "This course blew my socks off. I have never felt more confident and clear in making a big decisions. If it wasn't for this course I would still be twiddling my thumbs. Extremely helpful and extremely grateful for the coaching throughout the course."

  • Steven Dudley

    Thank You Notes

    "I want to say thank you to: David Turner - A role model, a friend and the reason why the Journey Map exists. Jayson Krause - Leader, role model and coach. Also, couldn't have happened without you. Ray Dalio - Your book 'Principles' has been a guiding light. Thank you. Simon Sinek - Without your movement I would not have started this project in the first place. Finally, Seth Godin - if it wasn't for the altMBA, the pre-reading and the people, this course would be a mere thought. Thank you"

  • Jennifer H.

    What I had been Missing

    "I flew through the course and walked away with the clarity and resolve I'd been missing. Instead of second-guessing myself, I made real progress - landing two clients in the first month and placing three more on my waiting list. Even better than the clients though is the confidence that I'll be able to come back to my completed Journey Map and make the right choices for my business month after month."

  • Alexandra P.

    Don't take personal clarity for granted!

    "It’s impossible to formulate a feedback that encompasses what the clarity and the richness that I have gained. More than just answers to questions, what has remained with me are tools to continually look deeper. Outcomes that I own, and that help me guide my decisions."

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