Preparing for Entrepreneurship-Journey Map Part II

Understanding your entrepreneurial journey, preparing for failure, setting up for ultimate success

Why does Part II - Preparing for Entrepreneurship exist? - Because too often entrepreneurs jump without looking or preparing for what happens after they jump. This course exists to help defend against unnecessary pains.

What is it? - A course to help entrepreneurs visualize their future, defend against failure and prepare for success.

What’s it for? - Journey Map helps people understand and discover their purpose, prepare for change and keep them on course through the rigorous journey of an entrepreneurs life.

Who’s it for? - Entrepreneurs, change-makers, linchpins, artists, and dreamers

What change are we trying to make? - Trying to change the way entrepreneurs start their journeys. Starting prepared, confident and clear instead of disorganized, unknowing, and nervous.

From what to what… - Unclear, nervous, stuck and unfulfilled to clear, focused, aligned and fulfilled.

How long will it take? - Roughly takes 5 hours to complete all 3 levels of the course. We encourage you to do 1 hour per day and finish in one week.

What do you get? - Other than preparation for the hardest adventure of your life... A map with all your answers that will guide you and keep you on track throughout your journey. A tool that will help you make decisions and bring you ultimate fulfillment.

See Steven Dudley's Map example - HERE

More Detail

Journey map exists to help entrepreneurs, linchpins and change-makers prepare for their next massive leap. This course exists to help you prepare for change and a new direction on your journey before you jump into the rough life of entrepreneurship.

Journey Map is a course to help you understand which direction you want to head in next. Starting a a new adventure is challenging, this course helps you map out what you want your future to look like. It prepares you for failure and success so, you can stay on track through your journey. As you go through this process, each mission will provide you with another piece of your map. Your task is to complete all the missions and build out your map.

Too simple to just say Entrepreneurs. It's for change makers, artists, linchpins, creatives, idea generators, resistance fighters, the extraordinary, the bold, the rebellion of the status quo, the dreamers and the I want more from lifers. 

We are trying to help our customers understand themselves on a deeper level so they can create something more meaningful for them. We want them to understand who they are, what they want and why they want it, so they can build an idea around their principles. Instead of the all to common, I have an idea, build the idea and realize 2 years in, your not fulfilled by your idea and all traction is lost.

This course will help the customer go from an unclear, nervous, lost and unfulfilled state of mind to a clear, focused, balanced, aligned and confident person who is full of conviction, direction and fulfillment.

Journey Map was born out of stagnation and unfulfillment. I had been in the same field for 10 years, created two companies and I had been trying to scale the businesses and find a way to make a bigger impact. I was failing and I wasn’t getting anywhere, nothing was working.

I sold the two businesses and took 3 months off, reading, taking personality tests, discovering who I was and what was missing. 

I found that ultimate self-clarity was beautiful. It was like getting eye surgery and seeing 20/20 perfect vision for the first time. It helped me wake up every day with a purpose and I knew exactly what I was supposed to do and why I was supposed to do it.

Decisions started to become extremely easy, ideas started flowing and new doors were easy to open and close. I started to realize (with help from others) that, what I put myself through could help others with their journeys too.

So, I replicated my in-depth intrapersonal intelligence journey. I created this course to help people see as clearly as I do so they can build their dreams stronger and faster.

Quest Curriculum

  • 3 Levels
  • Coaching By Steve Dudley
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Level 01

    The Journey - Building the Trail

    This section is full of powerful questions that lead you to an understanding of your journey; why you are on it, what it means to you, who is it for, and why you don't get off.

  • Level 02

    The Journey - Struggle and Failure

    This final section prepares you for the roadblocks, debris, obstacles, and failing moments in your journey. Facing your fears of failure and understanding that, as Winston Churchill said, "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."

  • Level 03

    The Journey - Defining Success

    This section will help you stay pointed in the right direction. By knowing what you want the end to look like we can re-engineer and prepare for success.

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Success Stories

  • Joey C.

    On the right track!

    "This course put me on the right track. I was so stuck and discombobulate before the course. I had an idea in my head and I knew I needed a change but I had no idea where to start. Journey Map has prepared me for a huge leap and I wouldn't have been able to take the actions I have without it."

  • Luke B.

    Seriously, this changed my life!

    "For the first time in years I am clear on the direction in which I am going. I am moving forward for the first time in 8 years. Journey Map has given me the keys to my next moves in life. I feel free, I feel sure and confident, I feel prepared to start my new journey."

  • Steven Dudley

    Thank You Notes

    "I want to say thank you to: David Turner - A role model, a friend and the reason why the Journey Map exists. Jayson Krause - Leader, role model and coach. Also, couldn't have happened without you. Ray Dalio - Your book 'Principles' has been a guiding light. Thank you. Simon Sinek - Without your movement I would not have started this project in the first place. Finally, Seth Godin - if it wasn't for the altMBA, the pre-reading and the people, this course would be in the trash. Thank you"

  • Josh M.

    Eye opening!

    "The course really opened up my eyes and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. I am finally doing something I have wanted to do for so long. It feels great and a little terrifying. I really feel like I am in the right place to do the things that I love and that I have been so scared to do. All because of Journey Map."

  • Alexandra P.

    I see new perspectives and new possibilities

    "Other courses I have done had a lecture approach. A set of generic advice that was targeted to everybody and nobody in particular. Journey Map started from my particular circumstances, from who I am right now. It built on this, step by step, getting me from the dance floor to the balcony, overseeing the important parts of my life. It gave me perspective. That perspective allows me now to see new possibilities, new opportunities, new interactions."

  • Paul F.

    Ultimate Direction

    "This course was worth every dollar. I feel like I can finally see my next moves and feel comfortable in my direction. It has cleared the weeds and uncertainties I was struggling with. As an entrepreneur its hard to stay pointed in the right direction, but now its easy. Now I feel prepared to keep fighting forward."

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